The Necromancer: A novella

by Krista Beucler

Faculty Mentor: Professor Warren Rochelle

This individual study was designed to help me come to a better understanding of the publishing industry and how a writer bridges the gap between writing and publication, between a hobby and a profession. Creatively, my goal was to revise, develop, and polish a novella rooted in ENGL 470B, fiction seminar. Professionally, I learned and implemented the process of producing, preparing, and sending out original creative work to literary magazines for publication. The outcomes of the project included a significantly revised fantasy novella, a series of cover letters, a strong and flexible understanding of the literary marketplace, and completed submissions for several literary magazines. During the project I submitted to the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize, and Driftwood Press. This project built on what I have learned throughout my time at UMW, particularly my creative writing classes; but more than that, this project has been the beginning of the rest of my career as a writer.

Krista Beucler reads from her novella The Necromancer

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4 Replies to “The Necromancer: A novella”

  1. Thanks for sharing your project, Krista, and your work with Professor Rochelle! I’ll reiterate how much I enjoyed hearing your work when you read from it as part of the Department’s Thursday Poetry and Prose series earlier in the semester. As you’ll recall, I particularly loved the humor of the novella. Congratulations! Professor Richards

  2. It’s great to see a creative writer thinking creatively about professional practices, as well as about the writing itself. What a strong way to finish your college career!

  3. Thank you Krista for sharing your work. I enjoyed listening to you read your work.

  4. I am impressed at how much stronger the final version of this novella is than the original. You have grown and matured as a writer. I am impressed with your world-building for this fantasy–making this imagined world real for its reader. You did a great job with the humor.

    Well done.

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