Predicting Sexual Satisfaction in Age-Diverse Women

by Meryl Menezes, Anna Higginbotham, Jessica Raiford, and Aidan McClanahan

Faculty mentor: Dr. Jennifer Mailloux

A significant indirect effect of body surveillance (a component of self-objectification) on sexual satisfaction through body shame (the other component of self-objectification), sexual attractiveness, and cognitive distraction during sex was found in a sample of younger women. However, this indirect effect was not found in sample of older women indicating that age, or a correlate of age, may influence the relationships between the variables in our model.

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5 Replies to “Predicting Sexual Satisfaction in Age-Diverse Women”

  1. Really interesting study! I wonder if there is some outside societal/environmental factor that younger women pay more attention to than older women.

    Great job, Meryl 🙂
    Professor Dunn

  2. Even though I had to miss the WGST research forum, I’m glad I was still able to see your poster and learn about your project – interesting work.

  3. Great job Mailloux’s team! Your model makes perfect conceptual sense and really adds to the objectification theory literature!

  4. Great work and good to see a diverse sample in age. Your results show how important it is not to rely only on college freshmen in psychology research!

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