Inspired by Literature and Film: Creative Interpretations from Spanish 312

by Liliana Ramírez, Cadiann Treviño Pinto, Rogelio Santiago

Faculty mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Franklin Lewis

For their final project, students of Spanish 312: Introduction to Literature in Spanish, created their own artistic pieces inspired in the short stories, poetry, drama and film they had studied throughout the semester. Below are a few examples of their creativity!

Liliana Ramírez: Painting of “No oyes ladrar los perros” by Juan Rulfo

This is a painting of a scene in the story “No oyes ladrar los perros” by Juan Rulfo. In this scene, an old man is carrying his injured son down a dark forest road towards a town, where they hope to find a doctor. As the story progresses, we discover that the two are estranged due to the son’s criminal behaviors, and that his father only saves him out of love for his son’s dead mother. In my interpretation, the mother is present in the scene as a light source, guiding the man and his son toward their sought destination. The man and his son are very darkly colored in the painting, as is the rest of the background. This is not only because it is nighttime, but also to emphasize the light and show how it is a presence more powerful than the son or father in this story. Due to her influence on their actions, I believe that the mother’s presence is palpable, so much so that she is “present” with her family. Although she died before knowing her son would become a criminal, it seems that the father has no doubt that she would still wish to preserve his safety, calling attention to a theme that some critics have pointed out in the story: that the mother’s hopes lie solely in her children (Ramírez, p 49). This speaks to the father’s devotion and respect for her wishes, saving her son—to his great pains and effort—even though he has acted so profoundly against the old man’s beliefs.

Cadiann Treviño Pinto: Golpe al corazón proyecto creativo

During my time in quarantine, I have had the opportunity to expand on one of my favorite hobbies. For my creative project, I decided to create a series of paintings representing the various elements and themes of each story in the lesson Golpe al Corazon or Hit to the Heart. The works that inspired each painting were “Tu Me Quieres Blanca” a poem written by Alfonsina Storni, “Como Agua Para Chocolate” a movie directed by Alfonso Arau, and “Cine y Malabarismo” a short story written by Angeles Mastretta. 

My inspiration to create this video came from the first time I heard that Gabriel Garcia Marquez had a close friendship with ex-president of The Republic of Cuba. Their friendship that went beyond just a simple greeting; It was a relationship where Fidel had the confidence to provide  literary criticism as Garcia said years later in interviews. Furthermore, Garcia’s ability to construct a masterpiece like “La Prodigiosa Tarde de Baltazar” instructed me to recreate an imaginary scene where Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Gabo) was developing a new story about a men who doesn’t belong in a cruel society where he lives; As he explains it to Fidel Castro (mi comandante).

Adaptación de “La prodigiosa tarde de Baltazar” por Gabriel García Márquez

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  1. Felicidades por un hermoso trabajo en el que han logrado expresar creativamente su lectura e interpretación de valiosos textos literarios escritos en español ¡Gracias por compartirlos!

  2. These ways of looking at the stories we read and films we viewed inspired me!! ¡Mil gracias por compartir su perspectiva y su creatividad!

  3. I really enjoyed your creative interpretations of these important literary/visual texts from the Hispanic world. Gracias por compartir vuestros proyectos y vuestros talentos con nosotros. ¡Felicidades a tod@s!

  4. How fascinating to see all the different media, from traditional media such as painting to TikTok, all used to design creative responses to these different works of literature!

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