An Interview with Petrarch: The Humanist World Cup

by Grace Smith
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Federico Schneider

My project is a paper written as interview with the Renaissance scholar Petrarch about humanism in the Renaissance. It is written as if it was a post game interview with an athlete, but instead of an athlete, I am interviewing a scholar about his own and other scholar’s works in the period.

3 Replies to “An Interview with Petrarch: The Humanist World Cup”

  1. Grace – this was a very creative way to present your research about the scholar Petrarch.

  2. I wish you could have included your working “definitions” of some of the terms like humanist, stoic, etc. Also the specific dates of Petrarch (the renaissance was a really long time period) would have added good context to your creative but brief interview. Expanding a bit on some of your details about post-40 Petrarch’s life outside the world cup may also have added more color to your creative endeavor.

  3. This was a creative way to present the importance of Petrarch to all of Western literature! I love the dispute between physicians and philosophers.

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