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Need the newest version of PowerPoint or other Microsoft Office tools?  Download and install for free! 

As part of every student’s Office 365 account, you get a free download of the full Office 2019 software to install on your personal computers and mobile devices.  More information on this is available here:


Keep in mind accessibility to all of our UMW community as you create your presentation. Oral presentations need to either have captioning, or an accompanying transcript. Here are some pointers for making sure all of your visual and audio files are accessible:

Helpful tutorials:

Create a Digital Poster PDF with Power Point

This video shows you how to create a digital poster using PowerPoint. This longer vertical format is ideal for a digital poster.  You can then upload the pdf to your UMW RCD application form.

Narrating a Power Point presentation

This video shows you some very helpful tips on how to create a narrated PowerPoint video.  You can then then upload this video to YouTube or submit it directly with your UMW RCD application form.

Using Zoom for Oral Presentations:

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Record a presentation with Screen-Cast-o-Matic

Getting Started with Screen Cast-o-Matic Video: 
This free application allows you to create a video of you making your presentation on screen using a webcam, audio only narration of your PowerPoint, or having both you and your PowerPoint on screen at the same time.  You can then then upload this video to YouTube or submit it directly with your UMW RCD application form

Uploading your video to Youtube

This video, produced by the UMW Speaking Center, provides a good overview and important privacy tips if you post your presentation on YouTube. You can then upload your video link to the UMW RCD Application Form.